Friday, February 3, 2012

New Zoya Color Spoon Policy - Effective 2/15/2012

We wanted to give everyone notice of a modification in the ZoyaColor Spoon Credit Policy, which will be taking place on 2/15/2012. In the past, you have been able to apply your Color Spoon Credits towards the purchase of any merchandise on the website as well as color spoons. Starting 2/15 Color Spoon Credits will only be applied to regular merchandise (otherwise referred to as “non-spoon items”). Use your credits wisely - If you would like to use your current coupon code towards a color spoon purchase please do so before 2/15/2012.

Not familiar with the Zoya Color Spoons?

Zoya Color Spoons are clear plastic, spoon shaped devices with actual nail polish poured in the nail shaped tip. Before you order a bottle of a color you are not sure of, order a color spoon of that color instead. You can order as many (or as few) colors as you would like. When you receive the Zoya Color Spoons, simply hold them up to your nails and see what the actual color will look like on your nails as though you applied 2 coats and a clear top coat. You never have to worry about ordering the wrong color again. Browse colors at

What's the difference? Zoya Neeka and Lotus Nail Polishes compared

Zoya Neeka and Zoya Lotus Swatch comparison
Love purple nail polish? Love sparkly purple nail polish?

" can see that Lotus has pink glass fleck shimmer and Neeka has gold"
Painting Rainbows

No dupes here... 
find them both (just search for them by name in our search bar) on, $8.00 (US) 

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Give your favorite nail polish the Zoya Fleck Effect - works with so many shades!

The flaky (flakey), flackies, flecked nail glaze craze continues with Zoya Fleck Effect...

Give your favorite nail polish the Zoya Fleck Effect - it works with so many shades. Find your fun Fleck Effect combo somewhere in the over 300 long wearing polishes offered on

Here are a few unique Zoya Fleck Effect swatches from Makeup Withdrawal. We just love how she layered them over darker hues like Zoya Shawn and Mira.

"First up is Opal, worn here over Zoya Shawn. It's translucent green with you guessed it, very shiny green flakes with a shift to blue."
Makeup Withdrawal

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Zoya Nail Polish in Russian Vogue and on

Zoya Nail Polish in Vogue Russia and on

"Еще одна марка приехала в магазины Cosmotheca. Ее название, не смейтесь, - Zoya. Создательница марки – пианистка из России Зоя Рейзис, иммигрировавшая в Штаты с мужем-химиком Михаилом и, видимо, нашедшая карьеру косметолога более перспективной, чем музыкальную. В то время как она ухаживала за лицами американских клиенток, Михаил смешивал в лаборатории омолаживающие кремы (теперь Рейзисы выпускают их под брендом Qtica), а в дальнейшем уже и лаки для ногтей. На сайте марки написано, что Михаил создал первую быструю сушку для ногтей и первые нетоксичные лаки. Не знаю, правда ли это, но то, что лаки очень высокого качества - факт. Прекрасно ложатся, быстро сохнут и долго держатся (по моим меркам, долго – это четыре дня). Мне очень нравятся в Zoya металлические оттенки, ненавязчивые и интеллигентные."

Google translation (soooooooo)...
"Another brand arrived in stores Cosmotheca. Its name, do not laugh, - Zoya. Creator of brands - Russian pianist Zoya Reyzis, immigrated to the United States with her husband, a chemist Michael and, apparently, has found a career cosmetologist more promising than the music. At the while she took care of persons of American clients, Michael mixed in the laboratory of anti-aging creams (brand Qtica), and in the future and have nail polish. The site marks says that Michael made ​​the first quick-drying nail polish, and the first non-toxic varnishes. I do not know if this is true, but that paints a very high quality - a fact. Perfect fit, dries quickly and stay long (by my standards, a long time - four days). I really like Zoya in metallic shades, unobtrusive and intelligent. "

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!

Glamour Beauty: Readers Winter Nail Polish Ideas - Zoya, Zoya, Zoya!

The beauty editors of asked their twitter (#wkndmani) fans and readers to submit Winter Nail Polish Ideas and the readers answered with long-wearing, glossy, beautiful Zoya Nail Polish over and over again.

Twitter Users: Feel free to submit your @Zoya_NailPolish looks to Glamour Magazine by using the @Glamourmag #wkndmani hashtag. Who knows, maybe your nails will be starring on soon too!

Featured Zoya Nail Polish Colors: clockwise - Zoya Trixie, Zoya Indigo, Zoya Ivanka, Zoya Jana, Zoya Miley and Zoya Gem.

Zoya is the new color of Fashion!